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Cookie policy

Updated: 29/10/2018.

This site uses cookies, text files that are recorded on the user's terminal or that allow access to information on the user's terminal. Cookies allow us to store information about visitors' preferences, are used to verify the correct operation of the site and to improve its functionality by customizing the content of the pages according to the type of browser used, or to simplify navigation by automating the procedures (es Login, site language), and finally for the analysis of visitors' use of the site.

This site uses the following cookie categories:

- technical cookies, used for the sole purpose of transmitting an electronic communication, to ensure the correct display of the site and navigation within it. Moreover, they allow to distinguish between the various connected users to provide a service requested by the right user (Login), and for reasons of site security. Some of these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed (session cookies), others have a longer duration (such as the cookie necessary to keep the user's consent concerning the use of cookies, which lasts for 1 year). Some of these cookies are used for security reason (avoid typical cyber attacks to the website). For these cookies, no specific consent is required;

- analysis cookies used directly by the site operator or by third parties to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. They are similar to technical cookies because data is used by third parties in aggregate and anonymized form and data in not crossed with other third party owned data. For these cookies, no specific consent is required;

The following category is maintaned here for information purposes and is not used in this site:

- profiling and marketing cookies used exclusively by third parties other than the owner of this site to collect information on the behavior of users during navigation, and on interests and consumption habits, also to provide personalized advertising.


The list of the technical cookies used by this site, is the list below:

Name                  Persistency        Purpose

svSession           - Permanent      - It uniquely identifies visitors and tracks a visitor's sessions on a site
hs                        - Session            - Security
XSRF-TOKEN      - Persistent        - Security
smSession         - Two Weeks      - Identifies members
TSxxxxxxxx        - Permament     - Security
TSxxxxxxxx_d    - Permanent      - Security


moreover, Google Analytics service is used in this website for the purpose of measure how users interact with website content.

More information on the list of cookie used can be found on Google documentation:

No personal data is provided to Google Analytics to identify the single user for advertising or marketing purpose.

By clicking OK on the banner at the first access to the site or browsing the site, the visitor expressly consents to the use of cookies and similar technologies, and in particular to the registration of these cookies on his terminal for the purposes indicated above, or access through cookies to information on his terminal.


Disabling cookies
The user can refuse the use of cookies and at any time can revoke a consent already provided. Since cookies are linked to the browser used, they  disabled directly from the browser, thus refusing / revoking consent to the use of cookies.

The disability of technical cookies could prevent the correct use of some functions of the site, 

Instructions for disabling cookies can be found on the following web pages:


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