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We provide no-compromise numerical modelling solutions. In many disciplinary sectors like Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or experimental data surrogate modelling. Ranging from tailored services to complete design assistance. Our mission is to push the innovation to the limit at any at any stage of the design process. Delivering always the best solutions is our mantra.

PLUS is made of computer scientists, CAE experts and software programmers with solid background in design optimization techniques, parametric CAD, multi-physics CAE skills. In many cases the work is done from our office, in most of cases we seat beside you in order to fostering the design excellence through a continuous and motivated assistance.

The solution may be an engineering advice, a design geometrical configuration, a process optimal set-up, a course on design methodologies, a customized software tool, a reliable support

Our customers ranges from America's Cup design teams to World-wide manufacturers. However, we devote the same motivation and passion to everyone believes in our capacity in providing a prompt and reliable response


We strive to give the best service to our clients

Virtual Prototyping

Nowadays in order to ensure an optimized product development process it is essential the application of virtual prototyping. We, at PLUS, help the companies in joining the new era of engineering.

Carefully Handcrafted

When companies need a tailored solution for their niche requirements, we are honoured and very motivated to deliver the right software solution either as a cloud web service and as a desktop application.

Design Formula

With a solid background in numerical modeling we think that exploiting process data can make the difference in delivering always the most reliable products and services. Design of Experiments, Machine Learning and Data Mining are not so far from being a valuable methodology for your business.

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We are a group of skilled individual, various background with the same purpose

Federico Urban

Executive Director

He works with clients to drive business growth, tackle systemic challenges and launch new ventures.

Mauro Poian

Technical Director

With more than 15 years of CAE experience applied to the industrial problems, he has a particular interest in and knack for new technologies and methodologies.

Matteo Ledri

Responsible for CFD

He is a marine engineer, with outstanding IT skills, devoted to develop faster sailboats.

Paolo Beltrame

App Developer

He is specialized in user-experience design and building digital products in a lean, agile way.

Funded Projects


PLUS expertise for R&D projects

HPC-Cloud-Based Sails Design Tool

Project Name

Fortissimo 2


Development of a cloud based service for the fluid-dynamic simulation of Sails


Cape Horn Engineering, PLUS, CINECA

Eligible Funds

41.500 €

Funded Costs

29.050 €

Projects funded under European Community's HORIZON 2020 Programme



Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) for traceable and computerised aneuploidies in Friuli Venezia Giulia


AB Analitica, Plus, Università degli Studi di Trieste, IRCCS materno infantile Burlo Garofolo, TBS Group, Simulware

Overall Funded Costs

1.085.686 €

Projects funded under Friuli Venezia Giulia POR FESR 2014-2020 Initiative


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AREA Science Park - Basovizza
34149, Trieste, Italy


+39 040 3755510

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