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We develop applications for boosting your productivity in the 4th industrial revolution

Applications that really help

Our apps are conceived with a strong involvement of the final user pursuing the objective of solving the problem and not responding to the commercial intent of forcing the user to adopt “yet another tool”.


We pursue the user delight

The apps we create respond to the request of being easy-to-use, since we believe that the User Experience should guide the user effortlessly throughout the daily work complexity.

Our solutions are integrated in the client IT environment, 24/7 supported and at the state-of-the-art of the technology. 


Best technology in each layer


We want to keep up with the latest technologies and that's why we develop our products using solutions that are cutting edge and supported by a large online community of users. 

Currently, our web apps are based on the NodeJS-Express-VueJS-MongoDB Stack. 

Machine Learning and statistics put to good use H2o, R, Python and a bunch of other tools of data manipulation and visualization.

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