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We provide responses to real-life design problems with reliable virtual prototypes


Scientific Computing that matters

We work with companies to improve products and design processing with the extensive use of reliable Computer-Aided Engineering models and techniques. 

Our customers come from different sectors like industrial manufacturing and racing sailing yacht teams, for any of them we're always committed to providing the right solution to the individual need ranging from parametric geometrical modeling to design optimization projects.​

Parametric Modeling to unleash the power of design exploration and shape optimization

We are used to building parametric CAD models since we believe that CAE should be used as a designer companion and not only for simulating real design errors with virtual prototypes. A reliable parametric model can provide a powerful asset for exploring extensively the design space with simulation-based technologies.


With more than 20 years of experience in the field of design optimization, PLUS experts will help the company to apply the most advanced numerical algorithms and multi-disciplinary optimization tools to get the most from virtual prototypes.


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Boosting the CAE experience

By combining the skills in simulation-based design, optimization and machine learning with the expertise in enterprise apps development, PLUS can provide you with a tailored-made software tool to transform the virtual prototyping in a seamless experience in the overall design cycle process.​


For example, like in our Sail Service, by transforming a repetitive simulation process into an automated process with a user-friendly interface that reduces the less valuable manual operations of the user.​


Another example is the CFD Portal (developed for an America's Cup team) to transform experimental information (both physical and virtual) into actionable data by developing a "portal" that allows the exploration and the comparison of different design configurations.

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